Essential Plumbing Equipment That You Ought To Consider

Listening disc

One major issue that can affect your plumbing is undoubtedly leaking. Apart from damaging the pipes and also wasting water, it is capable of affecting the building material and also encouraging the development of mildew. Furthermore, in most cases, it is virtually impossible to detect leaks for a considerable period of time since they usually happen in places which are hidden from our eyesight.

Apart from this, they are also quite small in size which is not detected by the property owner initially. (These types of leaks are the most common and are known as “pinhole leaks” which can prove to be quite destructive in the long run).

Plumbers often make use of special tools to detect these leaks which also help them to ascertain the reason of their occurrence. In the following paragraphs, we will mention some essential tools used by the plumbers for leak detection.

1. Video inspection equipment

video inspection equipment

This particular tool happens to be a small video camera which is mounted on long cables. These are usually inserted by the plumbers into the faucets in order to locate the actual source of the leaks which are otherwise difficult to detect from outside.

2. Soil probe

Soil probe

The most common types of leaks which occur are usually in the sewer line. In most cases, these run under the lawns and yards and a soil probe will only help a plumber to detect them by listening carefully through rocks and grass.

3. Listening disc

Listening disc

It is actually an audio equipment which allows the plumber to detect the leaks through drywall, cabinets as well as other furnishings. Positioned against a surface, these boost the sounds of seeping water back via a set of headphones so that the plumber is able to comprehend the place where the leak is happening before trying to access it. Apart from the listening disc, you’ll also find other better equipment such as a deck plate which also aids the plumber to identify the spot where the leak has occurred.

4. Gas tracer systems

Gas tracer systems

In most cases, the plumbers have a tough time in detecting the exact position of a particular leak due to the presence of excessive noise and in such circumstances, the right tool for the plumber will be the gas tracer system. These tools help the plumber to identify the leaks with the help of specially designed probes. In case the leaks happen in areas which are quite deep the listening equipment is almost useless. A gas tracer system will prove to be useful in such case.

Although a plumber may be equipped with all these above-mentioned gear, he will not be able to deliver the goods unless he has the proper training to handle these tools. These tools are usually quite expensive for an average individual and it is recommended to avoid fixing the issue on their own and instead take the help of a specialist plumber.

A plumber that works throughout the day on his knees will definitely require a knee pad which can help him by providing him with protection and comfort that he rightly deserves. Our knee is always prone to wear and tear. The knee pads for work, besides helping to prevent contact with the dirty floors, are also kind to the bones.